Embrace InBrace®

The most discreet braces have arrived!

EVERYONE wants a picture-perfect smile.

But is it worth it when the price is 1-2 years with unsightly braces?

It is when you choose InBrace®!

Personalized behind-the-teeth straighteners, InBrace® are 100% hidden from sight.
With these set-it & forget-it discreet braces, you can live your life and rock that improving smile without anyone knowing you’re in treatment.

NO embarrassing wires, NO inconvenient aligners.
Programmed with the Gentleforce™ technology, the Smartwire® uses an advanced shape memory alloy to gently move your teeth into place.

NO monthly tightenings, NO tray changes.
All so that you can eat, drink, brush and floss normally – while the treatment keeps working.

So, are you ready to embrace InBrace®?

How does InBrace® work?

With the Law Orthodontics magic touch!
An icon of a 3D image of a tooth


Dr. Maggie will take a digital scan of your teeth using our 3D technology. She’ll then create a 3D replica of your teeth, and use the InBrace® software to virtually reposition them to create your dream smile.
An icon of a tooth in a box


With information from Dr. Maggie, InBrace® will create a smart wire, shaped specifically for your teeth. This wire curves up and down to attach to the brackets on the back of your teeth. It then starts gently moving them into their proper position with its Gentleforce™ technology.
An icon of a smile


Once your InBrace® is placed, you won’t have to do anything differently. You can follow your regular hygiene routine and enjoy your favorite foods. All while smiling with confidence.
Are You Ready to Get Started?
We can't wait to help you smile more!